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Dear Customer, a hearty THANK YOU for choosing Goodmatt Solutions Mattresses!

Congratulation to you by putting your trust on our Stylemaster / Nature's Rest mattress! You have made a wise decision and we hope that you can enjoy your valueable sleeping time on your brand new mattress. Do allow some "grace period" in order for you and your body to settle in with the new bed, as your sleeping posture needs time adjust with it. Once you and your body is used to the new mattress, we are sure you will have good night sleep each day, everyday! Do browse through the website for more sleeping tips and mattress protection tips in order for you to upkeep your mattress and make it lasts ever longer.

On top of that, please spend a few minutes to fill up the e-Warranty Registration below to ensure 100% warranty protection from us. Your new mattress(es) is covered by us for 10 years.

Stay worried free, you can sleep soundly knowing we've got you covered. The good sleeps start here today!!

Please fill up the entire e-warranty form below with the correct details to ensure 100% warranty protection from us.

E-Warranty Registration

Warranty Disclaimer

Goodmatt Solutions Sdn Bhd reserves the right to refuse any warranty service for mattresses and / or foundations found to be in unsanitary conditions or when the product failure is caused by factors other than defective workmanship or materials.

Warranty does not cover - Any mattresses sold by resellers who are not Goodmatt Solutions Sdn Bhd's authorised retailers.

The products are under warranty from the date of purchase. Should the mattress needs to be repaired or replaced at some point during the warranty period, coverage is not renewed or extended, rather, the expiry date for warranty coverage is measured from the original date of purchase.


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